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Welcome to Jobnib blog. I would like to meet your curiosity to know more about Jobnib and will continue to tell you what I do.

Jobnib was founded in February 2019 by young academics, content writer, Job experts, Engr. Collins Nzegwu, {held from Awkuzu, Anambra State, Nigeria} to help rebrand and strengthen especially the youths of Nigerians seeking for jobs. Jobnib is not just a job blog, currently building a highly interactive and dynamic online destination for Nigerians around the world to collaborate, communicate, stay informed and exchange ideas on career issues.

Jobnib offers you a wealth of tools to grow your job opportunities. Information is Power! Job Tips uncover stories that you may never have known existed. It is really up to you as an individual to determine the level of your success by flying on the information and platform that I offer.

My goal is to help them achieve ambitious goals by making the best use of their talents and exposure to infinite opportunities around them.

For an employer: people are the world’s largest business resource. We cannot do without them, they can make a company or march. Two companies may have the best raw material and the best technology, but what distinguishes the two are their employees. It is also the difference between good and great things. The wrong people can wreak havoc.

For a job seeker/aspiring entrepreneur: motivated and inspired people give revolutions and create the future.

My vision

I aim high. I want to offer better services and solutions than anyone else and offer the best possible user experience on my blog. That is why I want Jobnib users/subscribers to think that the best is yet to come.


I am happy to show you around and introduce you to my little world. One thing I assure you is that job tips always remain relevant in your journey to explore the greatest of the world.

Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways: But where it is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses. BETTER TO LEARN FROM HISTORY THAN FROM EXPERIENCE, OPPORTUNITY IS A HIDDEN ASSET ON THE ROAD OF SUCCESS.

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